Spanish delicatessen delivered direct to your home from BARCELONA

Welcome to Ham 2 Home!

We sell Spanish delicatessen and Spanish products like Iberian ham, and other Cold Iberian Meats as Chorizo, Lomo, Spanish Salami (Salchichón), cheese and Tapas box.

We have different types of boxes depending on the number of guests. All products are vacuum-packed, put in to boxes and sent/delivered direct to your door, with the idea that you can enjoy the lunch or dinner with your friends, family.

Ham 2 Home can deliver products/boxes to all type of events, no matter number of participants, just contact and ask us.

Everything will be sent from the store Griful to your door. If you order before 10 am. we pack and ship to you the same day next day, other ways we pack and ship to you the next day after 12 pm. That means at you’ll get your order between 3 and 5 days after.

The goods can be kept for one month outside the fridge (except the cheese of course), so you can easily prepare a diner and share with your friends at any time.

We really think that you’ll enjoy these delights!


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